Hair stylist resume template

hair stylist resume template

When you apply as a hairdresser, your training and professional experience play an essential role. However, to continue to attract attention, you must make an excellent first impression on your future employer. You can achieve this with a useful application – consisting of a strong cover letter and an impressive resume.

Hair stylist job description

The profession of hairdresser requires three years of training. After that, it remains open to you whether you want to train to become a master or gain professional experience first. Both play an essential role, not only for the job search but also for your future salary. Most of your prospective employers can be found in their own specialist companies, in theaters, or hotels. Another option is to go into business for yourself – for example, by visiting customers at home. Your activities cover a broad spectrum. From styling to coloring, type advice, or the sale of hair and care products or merely cutting, everything can be included. In addition to your professional qualifications, you must be creative in this trade and good with people. The constant and direct contact with your customers requires good social skills, and your creativity and technical talent make a professionally good hairdresser. You should be able to reflect these strengths in your application, ideally in your cover letter and resume.

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