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Common resume mistakes to avoid

common resume mistakes to avoid

Many HR officers first look at the resume. Together with the cover letter, it is the essential document in the portfolio. Therefore it should be designed impeccably, both visually and in terms of content. You certainly cannot change your qualifications. Nevertheless, there are also some requirements for the content that must be observed. If you make mistakes here in the design, there is a risk of being rejected even with the best qualifications. Common mistakes are summarized below for you.

Formal mistakes in the resume

Chronological resume

It used to be customary to start school and then move on in chronological resume order. In terms of work experience, the first position was also at the top, the most recent occupation at the end. Today this doesn’t seem right. You start your professional career based on your data. Your current job is shown at the top.

List dates with days

There was a change here too. A list of the dates in the form of month and year has been desired for several years. For example, write 09/2015 and never 09/10/2015.

No uniform form for professional experience

It is advantageous to list the main activities in the employment relationships in some sub-items. But you can also name your occupations without sub-items in terms of content. However, it is flawed if you list your tasks in some employment relationships and omit them in others. This is not visually appealing.

No uniform font

The typeface is particularly important for the overall impression. So you have to make sure that you use the same font and font size throughout your modern resume. Ideally, this should also be identical to the remaining documents such as cover letter and, if applicable, cover sheet or “third party.”

No photo or unfavorable application photo You can only omit

Your application photo from your professional resume if it is on the cover sheet instead. Since an application photo is essential in the US, it must be a photographer’s professional photo. You can use a color or black and white picture. However, it mustn’t be a private recording or a machine picture. Your clothes should also match the intended area.

Content errors in the resume

Use of dubious data

That sounds banal at first, but it isn’t. Some people apply with their private email addresses without paying attention to whether it is suitable for formal concerns. So please do not use an address like under any circumstances. That may sound nice in private but is not wanted in the application process.

Incomplete information for the individual stations.

For your employment relationships and professional qualifications, you should state the institution’s name and the activity or the staff obtained, and the location. Of course, the data also belong to a complete listing.

Omission of relevant headings

In your simple resume, you must always include the following points: personal data, professional career, training, and ideally additional qualifications such as language or PC skills. You can also list your driver’s license with details of the same class under this last item. If one of these four headings is missing in the resume, it is considered incomplete in terms of content.

Gaps in the resume

Even if you have been looking for a job for a while, it is vital to list them. Missing times immediately catch the eye and are, at best, critically questioned. However, it is more likely that you will not be invited to the interview if there are gaps in the content.

Conclusion: Even with the best professional qualifications, a resume can be the reason for rejecting it if it is poorly designed. If you are unsure about the design, use a template and fill it in with your data. Since, in contrast to the cover letter, the resume does not reflect your writing style. Still, compliance with standards is essential here. The use of a sample makes sense and does not attract the HR officer negatively.

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Common resume mistakes to avoid
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Common resume mistakes to avoid
What are the most common mistakes in a resume?
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